Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BYOB Blind Tasting #1 - Pinot Noir at Twyst

To learn tasting the truth of each grape, blind tasting would be the best way.We did prepare well by wrapping our bottle with aluminium foil. Special thanks to our waiter who help us recording the numbering of the bottle so that we can't tell the wine even from the wrapping of it. Now you know why I desperately look for free corkage restaurant. Let me know if you have any.
After this fascinating and extraordinary event that wow my friends and I, I decided to hold this event regularly called BYOB - Bring your own bottle where I setup the topic every time and a limit to the blind tasting bottle so that the more people we have, the wider range we can share.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wine of the day #5 – Chateau Daugay (Le Dragon de Quintus) St. Emilion Grand Cru 2007

Thanks to the freebie from Vinexpo. This was drunk to company post Father's Day TV gathering - "A bite in China". When looking at my hometown winter bamboo shoot blossom, sipping the wine, a marriage flash across our imagination. Unfortunately, the wine seems to be too light and sulphur to marry in mind. New view towards Cabernet Franc based wine.

Tertre Daugay was bought by Chateau Haut Brion in year 2011, the quality has been restored since its last deterioration of St. Emilion Grand Cru status in 2006. The recent news of this vineyard was that Chateau Daugay is renamed as Chateau Quintus in Nov 2011 while its second wine is renamed as Le Dragon de Quintus, therefore you have to search more details of this wine online in this new name.

Assessment of Quality

Developing, entry level wine due to many primary fruit character and light in body, simple structure. Lack of complexity given most of the intensity is below benchmark, suggesting this should be the entry market level. Could not believe this could be the second wine of a Grand Cru St. Emilion class. Perhaps the vintage was not on the year when the quality is restored to Grand Cru Class as yet that the winemakers tend to put more effort on Tertre Daugay than this.  6/10

Friday, June 15, 2012

帝苑酒店意大利餐廳Sabatini – 還是麵食實際

人生當所有東西都有了限額,要求便會提高,總不能對食物敷衍了事。因此為親友選了城中著名的帝苑酒店Royal Garden – Sabatini.


Flaccianello Della Pieve  2007 – Tuscany
Carrusades de Lafite 1996 – Pauillac
Carpene Malvolti Cuvee Brut – Prosecco

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine of Australia by James Halliday (2005) - Amazing Forecast is realized

This book was published in year 2000, then revised in 2003 & 2005 respectively. Compared to the Australian Wine Companion, it definitely would not contain as much information. It would more or less be a wine route guide for beginner travelers.

Interesting to see this book as a trace to the route of how James has nurtured his style of writing, redesign of content structure leading to his success in his Australian Wine Companion. If you look into this book, not much information to make you determine which vineyard to visit really, except his personal stars (1 * to 5 *****) that's really it. Slightly covering the family tree, yields, address, and type of wine famous didn't really arouse your interest much.

What you should look into INSTEAD is to see his capability of forecast. AMAZING! For those which rank as 3-4 *** / **** with a "V" next to it, representing "Denotes a winery whose wines are particularly well priced in the context of their quality". They after a decade of the issuance of this book, all become 5 *****!!! Some examples below:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course (2003) - Wine Book Review

Book Cover
Being a bookworm today crunching books in the library. Try to see if I can self-learn something more (though I have some un-touched books at home stacked up...) Here I come across Jancis Robinson's Wine Course. Let's do a book review.

Jancis is very witty and the book is amusing and full of humors. It has wide coverage of wine regions and what the style of those wine regions are like. This book is more for leisure and for wine lovers who have beginner’s wine knowledge, rather than an introductory course.

What I say so is because 1) each region only contains 1 page and half of it is more on geography and grape name. Not sure people may be able to associate the wine style and brands to these. This is more of terroir fundamental course; 2) the passage is really subjective e.g. on why Jancis thinks the Chablis quality is unstable.
For more educational or referencing purpose, readers should refer to her another book: “Oxford Companion in Wine”, which is more academic and wiki-like. This wine course book would be for beginner wine lovers and these are some side stories that made readers understand indirectly what contributes to the component of wine aromas and flavours.

I have long been admiring Jancis’ writing style, it is very journal-like and first person, therefore feel more narrative. Since having read her “How to taste wine”, you can tell in this Wine Course book, she has put together efforts from various books in more lament terms. That’s why this book can be so reader-friendly.

Before you decided to buy the wine course book, take a glimpse below on YOUTUBE for her first 8 minutes of 1st episode (in fact she posted 9 episodes for their first 8 mins on youtube). Very inspiring and eye-catching to watch. Don't miss your chance enjoying free browsing of vineyards with star anchor Jancis!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keep Fit with Wine #1 – Sacchetto Prosecco with Sardine Sandwich

Sardine Sandwich (Total: $23.4)
- 2 pieces of Bread with light butter spread ($2.3)
- 1 tomato sliced ($2.4)
- Half cucumber sliced ($1.8)
- Half tin of Sardine fish in olive oil ($16.9)

Sacchetto Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC ($68 Park’n Shop)
- Finer bubble than cava
- Limy nose
- Pear and peachy palate
- Sweeter than normal sparkling

Marriage: ***
-  Quite a good marriage, the savory fish and the hint of sweetness in prosecco cooperate well in palate.
-  The wine getting a bit acidic and bitter almond after 30 mins.

More about Sacchetto Prosecco:
This is from a region in Italy called Veneto. Sacchetto is a town where the Prosecco is most famous from. The most famous brand is Cantine Sacchetto. Prosecco could only be called Prosecco if they are produced in Veneto, same restriction as Champagne in France. They meant to be drink early and part of its fermentation process is done outside bottle, which makes the sparkling cost way lower.

Lunch time, cheers~

New Experiment - Keep Fit with Wine

Recently I kept having sumptuous wine dinners, either treats from friends or family gathering, which leads to gaining weight - 5 lbs at least... omg.
That triggers my thought to experiment to see whether wine lover can still be slim. This start my new section - Keep Fit with Wine.

In this experiment, I am going to have health-conscious meal every day and pair with different wine, see whether my pounds still gain from there and whether the wine & food pairing will sustain.
Hope through this experiment more slim and health-conscious ladies will join the world of wine together with me.

Keep it up, 1-pack --> 6-pack!

Wine Dinner with Online Seafood Delivery – Ocean Three

Such a vast growing trend on seafood online order & delivery service in Hong Kong in recent 2 years; people who have source on seafood wholesale will offer online delivery to cut cost and sustain freshness of seafood. As a wine-ie and foodie (do we have a funky name for wine luvers?) of course time to throw a party!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wine of the day #4 – Tellurian Tranter Shiraz 2010 Heathcote Victoria Australia

Assessment of Quality

Used to be outstanding quality, when it was just opened. However after 7 days, the alcohol length is much shorter, and the flavor is not as strong and intense when it was first drunk.
It can still be identified that 7 days before it should be the star drunk. The gamy flavor is speculated in the nose, not in the flavor. The loss of peppery days later indicate the wine cannot mature for too long. 10 years would be max. This is the signature wine of Tellurian which was picked in Tranter Road Vineyard, illustrating through the blend of French oak and American oak barrique aging by wine maker Tobias Ansted to give both front and mid palate a smoother taste. 7/10

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dragon of Wine for 5 Descendants of the Dragon

Dragon – the symbol of dignity, auspicious power and respect. Chinese people are represented as Descendants of the Dragon. Not only is this the year of Dragon, it is also the 5th Dragon cycle (every 12 years), which is why we had an opulent dinner, celebrating 5 dragons’ 60th birthday.

So-called “no-budget” wine dinner ^^, I was responsible for wine selection and food pairing. Here’s the sumptuous Dragon Wine list:
1.      Billecart Salmon Extra Brut NV (France - Champagne)
2.      TaittingerPrelude Brut  NV(France - Champagne)
3.      Meursault 2006 (France – Burgundy)
4.      Caymus Special Selection 2003 (USA – Napa)
5.      Chateau Branaire-Ducru 2006 (France – Bordeaux)
6.      Errazuriz Kai 2009 (Chile – Aconcagua Valley)
7.      Niepoort Port 1952 (Portugal - Douro)
8.      Kay Brothers Amery Rare Muscat (Australia - McLaren Vale)

Level of difficulty : *** (5* is the hardest)
Before you click more, let's guess how the food matching was done?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wine of the day #3 - Stefano Lubiana Pinot Noir Tasmania 2009

Assessment of quality
Excellent quality, especially after decanting. After 3 days, the velvet tannin is evolving and the flavour intensity is much stronger with a very long aftertaste. The leathery and gamy flavour stands out  with a sumptuous structure. The licorice taste swells in the mouth, however not sure it is popular among people on the mixing palate of licorice and leather. It can last for at least 20 - 25 years. Time to store some. The only question left in thought is whether young Australian wine would illustrate secondary note when decanted? Guess this is the beauty of Pinot Noir, similar to Burgundy's complex region.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wine of the day # 2 - Coriole Lloyd Reserve Shiraz 2008

Assessment of quality

Outstanding quality, after 6 days or during the first opening the complexity and balance of body have not gone tired, the secondary note of smoke gamey and tar express more and more after days of opening. It has the quality of a french oaky old wine while only having 4 years of aging in the bottle. Amazingly good. Strong and lengthy aftertaste. The jammy liquid suggests strong concentration. Excellent quality and should worth a higher ranking than excellent in Langton's Classification.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

當經典遇上經典 ﹣澳門私房菜

餐前酒 ﹣ 葡萄牙: Quinta Da Alorna (2010) 外表極像平凡,一只透明玻璃樽,沒有花巧的標籤,所以沒有甚麼期望,但沒有期望總會令人有驚喜。清爽感覺帶有青草、檸檬的香甜作結的白酒,有著雷司令與的特色,這卻是100﹪葡萄牙葡萄ARINTO製造。

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wine of the day # 1 - Pierro L.T.C 2010

Assessment of quality
Very good quality, due to balanced body with high concentration and outstanding complexity of fruit, floral and mineral. Flavour is getting more and more intense from nose to palate to aftertaste.
An outstanding Australian wine , can identify because the character of semillon and sauvignon blanc 's typicity is clear in the note.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When Classic meets the “Classic” - Macau Private Kitchen

Thanks for the invite from an uncle, we paid a visit to Macau for a private kitchen dining as a post celebration of a wedding. A decent size of 9-dishes meal (a slang of huge cuisine), a classic Chinese  dinner is equivalent to a family gathering. Comparing to the fine dining of western culture, this seems to be a better way of doing wine tasting, at least making sure we all taste the same delicious food and wine; or nasty ones too.
Appetizer - Portugal wine: Quinta Da Alorna (2010) strikes as the appetizer drink. With a rough brand, simple transparent bottle in lack of labeling, it has always been good giving a lower standard and jump from there. Refreshing taste with sweet limy greenly finish it has been closer to the blend of sauvignon blanc and Riesling, in fact this is made 100% Arinto

Sunday, January 22, 2012

c'est la B - Dessert is no longer Guilt

As my favorite cafe Pumpernickel is full house because of nearby flower market, I am looking for alternatives, and here I come - C'est La B, the branch of Ms. B's Bakery
Yearn to know the place for long. Having tasted the earl grey chiffon cake and the caramel crunch cake from Sevva, I have always desired to re-visit Sevva or other Ms B's branch.

Today's afternoon choice (or lunch...I am starving...) :

Saturday, January 14, 2012

When drinking becomes an art - Butler Bar

After the recent trip to Singapore with my friend, our comments were somewhat similar: "Singaporean cocktails are way better than those in Hong Kong!". Or is it just that we have missed the best? My friend then started exploring for good cocktail bars in Hong Kong, ending up with an impressive one...
Typical Japanese bar setting, indeed identical to what I saw in the classic Japanese TV series - "The Bartendar". 4 people in decent uniform lined up, serving in the bar: 2 bartendars and 2 waitress, all are Japanese. (Well, don't let them overhear your conversation, they speak Cantonese and English too).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mulled Wine Experiment -- Last Christmas

How we make it
Cut the orange and lemon into half
Plug the orange with cloves. Looks like a mine more than anything, lol
Soak lemon slice, orange mine and the rest of the ingredient with red wine.
Red wine doesn’t have to taste good, just red enough. Stronger the better. We’d try Geelong Shiraz and Chile Carmenere, both works.
Let the wine covers the fruits. Yes, submerged.
Sieve sugar in. Why sugar needs sieving? Ask god.


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