Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine of Australia by James Halliday (2005) - Amazing Forecast is realized

This book was published in year 2000, then revised in 2003 & 2005 respectively. Compared to the Australian Wine Companion, it definitely would not contain as much information. It would more or less be a wine route guide for beginner travelers.

Interesting to see this book as a trace to the route of how James has nurtured his style of writing, redesign of content structure leading to his success in his Australian Wine Companion. If you look into this book, not much information to make you determine which vineyard to visit really, except his personal stars (1 * to 5 *****) that's really it. Slightly covering the family tree, yields, address, and type of wine famous didn't really arouse your interest much.

What you should look into INSTEAD is to see his capability of forecast. AMAZING! For those which rank as 3-4 *** / **** with a "V" next to it, representing "Denotes a winery whose wines are particularly well priced in the context of their quality". They after a decade of the issuance of this book, all become 5 *****!!! Some examples below:

The mysterious part is, we never know chicken and egg between James and the Vineyards.

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