Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alsace Wine Fair

Alsace Wine Fair
29 Aug 12:30 - 5:00 pm
Star Room 42/F, Langham Place Hotel Mongkok

With more than 23 fine wine stores displaying their Alsace exclusive wine for wine tastings, I myself is only one of the small drunkard wandering around for great wines.

Age range from 21 to 60, French, portugese, hongkongese...all are attracted by gorgeous riesling, gewurztraminer, pinot gris, pinot blanc, muscat...wowwww~~

Thanks for my fds recommending me to such a nice tasting event~

White wine used to be female's favourite, no wonder most guys are companying their girlfriends. Foccasia, brie cheese, celery, carrots and cucumber which fills the guests' lunch even though drunkard like me challenge the wine with empty tummy can still stay "sober" for a while.

I used to love Riesling's pear and green apple flavour. In this wine event, most riesling are covered with plastic cock smell (though France normally adopts oak cock, that's weird),

Gewurztraminer's peach flavour is surprisingly giving me a wide exposure of how grapes can be that revoluntionary. Tried at least 16 shops' gewurztraminer, some are crystalized like dessert wine because of late harvesting, some are aromatic in smell yet light and crispy in body, some are typical peach with mineral hint of palate. You can't imagine they are from the same origin with same characteristics.

I ended up bought Hugel & Fils VT Gewurztraminer 2002 & Albert Mann Gewurztraminer 2007, with free Vintec 12 bottle wine cabinet yey~~~

Friday, August 28, 2009

Upcoming wine gatherings - Wine tasting buddy wanted!!!~

Wine tasting can be of many forms, here are the menu of my proposed upcoming wine gatherings:

@ Horizontal Tasting: Tasting a series of wine on the same grape combination, can sole grape tasting or blended grape tasting.
@Vertical Tasting: Tasting same wine by of different vintages.
@Area / Terrior Tasting: Tasting of the similar wine region or wine environment of similar geographic condition
@Flavour Tasting: Tasting wine of similar flavour e.g. vanilla, butter, peach, oak...
@Vintage Tasting: Tasting various wine of same vintage
@Sole drinking vs food matching: self-explanatory
@Sole tasting vs blend tasting: find the best match grape combo
@Palate tasting vs Nose tasting: How different between your first smell and your first taste of the same glass.

Wine Tasting Buddy needed. Please sign-up and I'll get the venue and wine list ready. That would be one of my mission in 2009~~~

時光機 time machine

這幾天我都在問身邊的朋友這個random 問題,他們卻反應非常凝重,可想而知我真的很無聊...但他們卻不是...
有些朋友答中學六年級,有些答小學五年級,大部份答大學,而原因都圍繞著兩個: 玩得太少或讀得不夠。
這反映著甚麼? 反映著他們所選擇的點必是人生的轉捩點,又或是一些後悔的決定。
這一點亦決定了他們的priority of life, 事業,家庭,愛情,生活?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Old photos

In love with Gaspard & Lisa series, recently bought new photo albums in the shop nearby and it's time to rearrange the photos I have had since 10 years old, when my dad gave me a camera as birthday present.

Flipping through photos, across different time horizon...remarkable memories that I have had with friends. Some that I still chat with, some I don't, some in Hong Kong, some in US/ UK...

I miss them all, I would like to reconnect with them, so I send them each a facebook message tonight, to recollect our linkage...our memories, our relationships that I cherish...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Dream Photographer

I finally find my destination~~~

A local photography magazine recently captures an article on 10 influencial professional photographers, who were all brought up from different occupations rather than photographer assistant.
The turning point for each of them to become professional photographer are all happens to be some once-in-a-lifetime inspirations. The one I admired most is Kennymax, who used to be (I think currently still is) a webmaster. He masters natural light so well that he seldom uses flash light or even postwork polishing via photoshop. Photos illustrate the tranquility of nature while contrasting the energetic model. Kenny has made them perfect match in the picture~


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