Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lafon Rochet 1994

Wine: Chateau Lafon Rochet
Region: Saint Estephe
Controllee: Saint Estephe Controllee
Year: 1994
Grand Cru Classe en 1855

An interesting wine. You never know what's after it...

Colour: Brick Red --> ready to drink~

Tears: Long legs...strong alcohol content and concentration

Sniff: Strong Alcohol, metalico...

Palette: First, metallic, leather...then a bit meaty...

Length: super long length, but at a thin layer

After a while.........

Palette: Metallic flavour is gone, replaced by more meaty taste

Character: after sipping...what is left is a sweet watery palette which is rather like the after taste of drinking bitter tea, interesting~

Conclusion: Suitable for drinking, can pair up with weaker taste food, a good company of red meat.

Price: dunno~~~ coz that's my compensation of dad drinking a pricy white wine without inviting me >.<

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monopoly & Scrabble

Board Games, used to be the foreigners
' games. In Hong Kong's world, it's Mahjong, Poker, Karaoke, Movies, PS3, Wii so on and so forth.
In my perspective, I love board games more as that requires brain power more, though it would be less "noise", it's not only fun, it is also a training on tactics.
This Housewarming & Chinese New Year, I suggest friends & parents to play monopoly & scrabble with me, in which my dad still wins (sigh...) I still see how much words we know and calculation we does throughout all the transactions & mix & match of words.
I need practice more on my brain power still. Where is the online version!!!~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bungalow Wine Tasting Day

1. Boxer MollyDooker

Have already tried before, from Australia. The greatest thing is on its length. It swirls around ur breath for more than a minute. In fact, it would be better to enjoy alone, than with strong snacks like blue cheese. Would be good company with light soft cheese.

Strong berry flavour, compatitible to french wine. At a reasonable and affordable price of $175. Was chosen as "My favourite" of the day.

2. Alsace Gewurztraminer Moltes

My favourite white wine with hint of flowery yet largely dominated by lychee flavour. A typical character of Gewurztraminer. Almost reaching the sugar level of dessert wine, with a dry finish. Its riesling is not as recommended as Gewurztraminer.

3. Jacob's Creek Riesling

Well, the plastic made wine cock as destroyed everything...We can't finish even 1/4 of the bottle...

4. Yarra Valley De Bortoli

Black Cherry Flavour. Strong alcohol. Lack of fruit flavour. OK company with meat. With $210 price, not that recommended. It is postured to be a Chile wine than an Australian one.

5. La Fleur

Plz, dun tell me u study french. It has nothing to do with flower at all!!!!!!! Total disappointment, when you realize it is recommended by the sales, with it printed as the headline hot product in the pamphlet. Sigh~~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003

Again, this wine tasting is from the leftover on Saturday, and I only drank it on Wed late nite.
Though the taste is not as strong, the aftertaste could stay quite a while, which I presume the original taste would have intensive black berries flavour. The palate is round my tongue and would taste nice even on its own.

Below are from other blog:

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003: An attractive nose here, even though it carries the warm ripe confit fruit of the vintage. The soft and rounded texture is immediately apparent on the palate, with a rather appealing weight and substance, but it has a level of acidity which is on the low side. And of course there is a big wall of tannins too, leading to a hard finish. Nevertheless it all sits together reasonably well and taken within the context of the vintage I find this to be good. It is just superior to the 1996, tasted alongside. 16+/20

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003: Ripe and open on the nose, big and expressive with black cherry fruit. Very typical of the vintage. A huge presence of tannin on the palate, although they are quite well coated with fruit and texture. They come to the fore on the finish though. Low acidity, as you might expect, but overall this isn't bad, and approaches a balance that some wines of this vintage find difficult to achieve. 16.5+/20 (November 2006)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


我的第一本美麗日記。 很少護膚的我在朋友們多年來的循循善誘及指導下,亦開始了做MASK 的日子。
這個FUNNY PACK 最吸引我的不是包裝、不是功能,而是...清酒與紅酒。雖沒錢試紅酒SPA,也可幸試紅酒MASK. 還有黑珍珠呢~
昨晚跟爸爸說, "你的皮膚太乾了,大慨是不夠水份。來,做一做個美麗日記吧!"
爸爸說, "美麗日記不是用來寫....." 我已把整塊MASK貼上,立刻拍了個私人照,給媽媽恥笑,並決定鑲起照片, HAHAHHAHA...
第二天,爸爸問, "我可以再寫日記嗎?"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 第一個目標

剛買了一部新琴. 竟然???!!! 你才剛售出你原有的琴~!!!

沒錯,由於空間不夠的關係,我確實賣了原有的琴,這次買來的只有Keyboard part 的 電子琴,但手感卻跟彈直立琴不相伯仲的,剛好可放在我的窗檯。

由於budget 問題,雖然不是甚麼牌子,可是我希望可恢復對彈琴的興趣,不至於荒廢這麼多年來的心血吧~


Monday, January 5, 2009

Chairman's Reserve - Shiraz

Since not much $$, so I grab whatever is in Dad's cellar :P

Chairman's Reserve - Shiraz 2004...... WHICH HAVE BEEN PUT FOR 2 DAYS ALREADY!!!~

What's weird still has long finish. Bravo~ It surprises me coz Aussie wine tends to go sour n depreciate quickly as it oxidizes in hours

However, this long finish doesn't came back with a strong taste, a strong yet watery finish.

The spice is still intense, in face covered by much of its alcohol content. Plummy, not that structured and full body compared to those with berries flavour, which is more or less due to the plum nature that the producer wanna emphasize (what a WILD guess...)

Well, most of my comments won't be valued, as it is an oxidized wine, haha, anyhow, it's jus a sip , keke.

From Google:
Hunter flavours: plum, earth, spice integrated with nutmeg character. This wine has a lovely structure, balanced by the lingering soft oak tannins.Accompany with steak, beef, lamb or cheese.


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