Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bungalow Wine Tasting Day

1. Boxer MollyDooker

Have already tried before, from Australia. The greatest thing is on its length. It swirls around ur breath for more than a minute. In fact, it would be better to enjoy alone, than with strong snacks like blue cheese. Would be good company with light soft cheese.

Strong berry flavour, compatitible to french wine. At a reasonable and affordable price of $175. Was chosen as "My favourite" of the day.

2. Alsace Gewurztraminer Moltes

My favourite white wine with hint of flowery yet largely dominated by lychee flavour. A typical character of Gewurztraminer. Almost reaching the sugar level of dessert wine, with a dry finish. Its riesling is not as recommended as Gewurztraminer.

3. Jacob's Creek Riesling

Well, the plastic made wine cock as destroyed everything...We can't finish even 1/4 of the bottle...

4. Yarra Valley De Bortoli

Black Cherry Flavour. Strong alcohol. Lack of fruit flavour. OK company with meat. With $210 price, not that recommended. It is postured to be a Chile wine than an Australian one.

5. La Fleur

Plz, dun tell me u study french. It has nothing to do with flower at all!!!!!!! Total disappointment, when you realize it is recommended by the sales, with it printed as the headline hot product in the pamphlet. Sigh~~~

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