Monday, September 27, 2010

味皇 - 皮蛋與腐乳



可幸皮蛋那溶化於口中那種密集豐富的口感卻被柔和纖細的輕黑皮諾(pinot noir)軟化。




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's the matter with wine?

Hey, that drunkard!!!
Yea, probably they just want me to pay for their wine...
Holy, wanna get you drunk, tat's harder than winning lottery!?!

Dun put this wrong perception onto those wine liver. We are not treasuring the wine as what you view us as.

Tasting includes understanding, studying, feeling, then spitting. Not aiming to get ourselves drunk, we resonnate vineyard owner, wine grower n weather together -- god's gift.

Astonishing wine is not bringing you to a state of numbness nor tipsy state of mind, it is bringing you to the state to metaphoring spirit of nostalgia, sychronizing the space running through across the horizon.

Bounderless exchange of taste n knowledge, melting pot of comments m shadings.

-- Welcome to the world of Wine --


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