Sunday, January 22, 2012

c'est la B - Dessert is no longer Guilt

As my favorite cafe Pumpernickel is full house because of nearby flower market, I am looking for alternatives, and here I come - C'est La B, the branch of Ms. B's Bakery
Yearn to know the place for long. Having tasted the earl grey chiffon cake and the caramel crunch cake from Sevva, I have always desired to re-visit Sevva or other Ms B's branch.

Today's afternoon choice (or lunch...I am starving...) :

Saturday, January 14, 2012

When drinking becomes an art - Butler Bar

After the recent trip to Singapore with my friend, our comments were somewhat similar: "Singaporean cocktails are way better than those in Hong Kong!". Or is it just that we have missed the best? My friend then started exploring for good cocktail bars in Hong Kong, ending up with an impressive one...
Typical Japanese bar setting, indeed identical to what I saw in the classic Japanese TV series - "The Bartendar". 4 people in decent uniform lined up, serving in the bar: 2 bartendars and 2 waitress, all are Japanese. (Well, don't let them overhear your conversation, they speak Cantonese and English too).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mulled Wine Experiment -- Last Christmas

How we make it
Cut the orange and lemon into half
Plug the orange with cloves. Looks like a mine more than anything, lol
Soak lemon slice, orange mine and the rest of the ingredient with red wine.
Red wine doesn’t have to taste good, just red enough. Stronger the better. We’d try Geelong Shiraz and Chile Carmenere, both works.
Let the wine covers the fruits. Yes, submerged.
Sieve sugar in. Why sugar needs sieving? Ask god.


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