Saturday, January 14, 2012

When drinking becomes an art - Butler Bar

After the recent trip to Singapore with my friend, our comments were somewhat similar: "Singaporean cocktails are way better than those in Hong Kong!". Or is it just that we have missed the best? My friend then started exploring for good cocktail bars in Hong Kong, ending up with an impressive one...
Typical Japanese bar setting, indeed identical to what I saw in the classic Japanese TV series - "The Bartendar". 4 people in decent uniform lined up, serving in the bar: 2 bartendars and 2 waitress, all are Japanese. (Well, don't let them overhear your conversation, they speak Cantonese and English too).

What a nice non-smoking bar that I could get a fresh breeze with my glass of artistic cocktail. You seldom see such tranquility in the bar. People here were neither mumbling their hectic daily lives, nor picking the dice and swirling around. As if they have come to the art gallery, gazing the live art show of the bartendar.
On the menu, wide range of liquor-based cocktail, including their brut champagne. If you have decidophobia, e.g. me, you can just give your criteria to the bartendar / waitress and let them decide. This will definitely surprise you. In my case: sake-based cocktail with kiwi.

In the process of art creation, bartendars illustrated their passion to art through perfectionism to details: shaving ice-ball from cubes, select the best liquor base; tasting the product and do mix and match with fruits to ensure the outcome is splendid. They even changed the colour of cocktails as if they were playing with the palette.

Butler people are never stingy. When the artwork was displayed, bartendar explained the ingredients and how you could buy them if you would replicate the same. Sharing of interest and thoughts are never easy for professionals yet they can do it.

For high-end cocktail of $98, together with live art gallery browsing, this is an authentic must-visit place in Hong Kong this year, especially when they open till 4am.

Butler Bar
Address: 5/F, Mody House, 30 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2724 3828
Opening Hours: 3:00pm - 4:00am
Price: Min charge $200 + $30 snacks + 10%
Nature: Cocktail Bar + Snacks (Sausage platter, Parma Ham, Pickles)

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