Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mulled Wine Experiment -- Last Christmas

How we make it
Cut the orange and lemon into half
Plug the orange with cloves. Looks like a mine more than anything, lol
Soak lemon slice, orange mine and the rest of the ingredient with red wine.
Red wine doesn’t have to taste good, just red enough. Stronger the better. We’d try Geelong Shiraz and Chile Carmenere, both works.
Let the wine covers the fruits. Yes, submerged.
Sieve sugar in. Why sugar needs sieving? Ask god.

How we know we messed it up?
Boil the saucepan until you start smelling strong cinnamon Christmas atmosphere round the dining room. It takes a while if your kitchen is isolated from the dining room. Who knows? Perhaps designer likes to play tricks onto the chef that the chef needs to take certain pace to move dishes to the dining table.

The output
Here you go, the lovely warm mulled wine~ Since some alcohol is evaporated, it is suitable for the low-alcoholic lovely ladies. Absolutely the reason why my friend is volunteering herself for this.

Drink it fast. You can reheat several times, however not more than 3. 3 is the key for me. Everything can’t be repeated for 3 times. Mulled wine will be bitter after 3 trials. Enjoy … next Christmas.

1.5L wine                                                       
3 oranges (1 whole, other 2 quarters)
15 cloves
1 lemon (quarters)
6 tbsp sugar
3 pieces cinnamon stick
2 pieces ginger peeled, cut in half
55g sultana

Thanks to the invention of youtube that bring joy to our Christmas

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