Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wine of the day #6 - Chateau Palmer 2nd wine Alter Ego 2006

Assessment of Quality 7.5/10
Developing, entry level wine due to many primary fruit character and light in body, simple structure. Lack of complexity given most of the intensity is below benchmark, suggesting this should be the entry market level. Could not believe this could be the second wine of a Grand Cru St. Emilion class. Perhaps the vintage was not on the year when the quality is restored to Grand Cru Class as yet that the winemakers tend to put more effort on Tertre Daugay than this. 

So that's a year again

Not that I didn't write any blog, I has been transferring the information to another blog on par-lor.com and discover that the editing of the blog is still suffocating, can the blog engine be more personalized?

There I started coming back to this blog and continue to type.
Welcome back to myself, hoo hoo~


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