Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A retained gentle smile- Grand Pontet 2000 (RP92)

While my father is in favor of the powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, I have been persuading him over the last 2 years to try Burgundy Pinot Noir yet failed. Until one day I tasted right bank Bordeaux that I realize at some point, we can compromise - A bordeaux blend. (70% Merlot 30% Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon)

As one of the 64 St. Emilion Grand Cru Classé, though some are still of fairly must-buy price e.g. Chateau Barde-Haut, Chateau Faugeres at HKD$350, Chateau Grand Pontet was sold at $580. It (You’d better) has to reflect to a certain extent some distinction from those just-promoted stars to sustain its position through the 6 Classifications from year 1955 to year 2012.


Disregard the occasion and environment when I drank this wine that day (coz it’s freaking HOT!) Grand Pontet didn’t taste as powerful as typical big Bordeaux. The impression does not match with the image of its chateau, nor like a big bridge as what the name states.

This wine is a soft, delicate and balanced wine compared to other St. Emilion I have tasted, should be coming from Merlot which I have missed drinking for long. That has hint of blackberry nose, followed by oaky vanilla flavor and slight mint is probably from the French oak barrel. Short tannin yet long length swelling in my mouth.

Do not expect a power bouquet blossom from the 2 hours opening right at you. The power comes at the tip of your tongue during the finishing.
The fleshy and complex structure is not attacking you like machine gun. It is more like spend an hour at a painting by appreciating artist’s effort of drawing the shyness of gentlemen’s smile – polite, warm and longlasting.
I guess this is also why year 2000 has 2nd highest RP points (92 vs 93 in year 2005) in the last 13 years.


I recommend the wine to go with stewed or softer texture red meat such as beef cheek. Drink quickly as it does not stay the next day, even if it is a year 2000 wine. This year the wine is matured. Drink now.


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