Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dip of the Christmas - Visner di Pergola & Biscotti

Thanks for the family gathering last weekend.

Nice bungalow at Lantau Island: with freezing swimming pool, cute doggie called "lily -_-", lots of cheese, wine, my Vietnamese coffee, and most importantly my family members and family friends~

It is my first time enjoying the homemade Italian Christmas Dinner. Aunt Jeannie and her son came to Hong Kong for celebration with us. Bringng along the pandoro, making italian salad, serving the crackers with brie, blue cheese, chaubier cheese; italian style chicken wings...
Aunt Jeannie brought a yellow package biscotti with hint of lemon zest. She introduces the pairing with Visner di Pergola.
Visner di Pergola - A dessert wine with strong hint of wild berries, dominated by cranberry smell. Sense of twigs. The taste is unique! Scented and sweet.
Pairing is not just drinking wine and bitting the biscotti. It'sssss Dipping the biscotti into the wine, the dry and spongy body of biscotti will absorb the wine to become red biscotti. The harmony of biscotti and wine is bringing another revolution to the mouth. Perfect Match.
Gluttony, starting from here.
(p.s. my dad got the remaining back. Anybody interested please let me know, I can bring to share :P)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Greatest Motivation Today~

Permission to use photos

Hi Lillian;My name is xxxxx, and I'm working on a course development team that's putting together a course on Hong Kong conservation and biodiversity to be presented to students at the Open University of Hong Kong.Our students would really enjoy and benefit by seeing some of your photos! I'm particularly interested in your diving photos from Tung Ping Chau. Would it be possible for us to have permission to use some of these in our course materials? The course is online only, and is restricted to registered students, so their use would be purely educational, i.e. we'd not be distributing the photos in any other way. We would of course include a credit in any form you'd like.If you agree, I'll send along a list of the photos we'd like to use.Thanks much for your attention,xxxxxx Course Designer, Open University of Hong Kong

Monday, December 21, 2009

Home Wine Delivery from Cathay Pacific Airways

On the way back to Hong Kong, discover a separate wine on delivery pamphlet on flight, with eye-catching title: Estate Wines Direct from The Great Wine Regions of The World

Generic and easy drinking wine list, covering wide varieties of geographical location, symbolizing Cathay's competitive advantage: Globalization.

Mainly focusing red wine of widely known brands like Lynch Bages and Liversan; and several Champagne of title Taittinger. All these wines suit both the purposes of hectic businessmen running out of gift ideas for friends or for everyday drinking passengers amazed by sumptuous consumption on plane.

Another example demonstrating Hong Kong's style of indefinite business opportunities.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pavilion @ Crown Plaza Hotel Causeway Bay

Knock the door by chance, in the fame of my uncle n dad's design and recommendation, we step into the world of wonder tonight.

Originally aim to club 28, driven by curiosity of it's name 'pavilion', we were then stepped into this authentic lounge. Half open space occupying top 2 floors of the hotel. With splashes of flowing water surrounding the spacious layout, each table / couch is well preserving guests' privacies.

Despite the layout, you will be amazed by the stunning view of happy valley racecourse and glamourous causeway bay demostrating the typical cosmopolitan. Then it might trigger your consideration in buying a flat at leighton heights in future.

Some couches there are specially designed with flexible shade covering adjustable swirling sofa, with several cozy cushions laying around; whereas some are like beach benches with movable table for drinks. Varieties bring hospitality.

Pretty comprehensive drink list serving wines, cocktails, mocktails and cigars.

The only essence to add is music. It's gonna be awesome if you come in autumn, enjoying all the tranquility and breeze. The sad thing is that they don't serve parties and it closes at 12am at the moment. Have reflected this suggestion anyway, see how they deal with it~

Enjoyed the moment that I almost lost my consciousness, dwelling in this mist of dream and fantasy...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Château Lamothe Cissac 2005 - Cru Bourgeois Haut Medoc, Bordeaux

Sharing dad's treasure again, here we go from Chile!!! --> of France~


Legs: long tears

Smell: Strong alcohol, majority dominated by Cabernat Sauvignon, some hazelnut / corn smell, should be from other grapes, blended.

1st taste: thick tannin, tar, fruitful, mouthful of berries, heavy body is comparatively acidic
2nd taste: flowery, tannin is still strong, body is more balance than 1st taste, hint of vanilla from aftertaste

Comment: can age for a while. Shall have this wine with meat rather than enjoy it alone. Cheese is a good companion.


The vineyards of Château Lamothe Cissace were planted by the Fabre family in 1967 on clay and limestone soils and gravel slopes. Spread over 33 hectares..

As there were already 17 Châteaux bearing the name of Lamothe in Gironde at that time, Gabriel Fabre called his estate Lamothe-Cissac to avoid any confusion. Business prospered from then and in 1991, Gabriel’s son, Vincent took over the running of the property along with winemaker Luc Fabre and sister Marie-Odile Fabre-Roger.

Classified as a Cru Bourgeois, Lamothe Cissac’s flagship wine comprises 70% Cabernet Sauvignon (for firmness, longevity and nobility), 26% Merlot (richness and smoothness), 2% Cabernet France (suppleness) and 2% Petit Verdot (breeding and distinction).

Reference: http://trade.heritagewine.co.uk/wine/ch%C3%A2teau-lamothe-cissac-2005-cru-bourgeois-haut-medoc-bordeaux

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wine tasting @ Watson cellar 3

La fleur de gay 2006
Leather licorice meaty wif lamb

Chenin blanc
Sweet guava mango peach

Gnd shiraz australia barossa valley
Licorice tar strong grassy smell

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Batitu - Chile 2007

Importance of Symbol:

$90 offer from Red Dot company. Attracted by its bird like african tattoo, and its calligraphy, symbolize the historical background of wine.
From Chile.
Its an extraordinary cabernet sauvignon, very strong black currant and licorice taste, unlike the normal french and australian cab sau.

Light body, not very stunning, but surprised by its long aftertaste. Recommended as everyday wine if you look for some charcoal aftertaste.


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