Monday, December 21, 2009

Home Wine Delivery from Cathay Pacific Airways

On the way back to Hong Kong, discover a separate wine on delivery pamphlet on flight, with eye-catching title: Estate Wines Direct from The Great Wine Regions of The World

Generic and easy drinking wine list, covering wide varieties of geographical location, symbolizing Cathay's competitive advantage: Globalization.

Mainly focusing red wine of widely known brands like Lynch Bages and Liversan; and several Champagne of title Taittinger. All these wines suit both the purposes of hectic businessmen running out of gift ideas for friends or for everyday drinking passengers amazed by sumptuous consumption on plane.

Another example demonstrating Hong Kong's style of indefinite business opportunities.


Selina said...

oh lili, i never knew u are a blogger!!! :) nice articles!

Parlor said...

yee? how come u know now geh?


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