Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dip of the Christmas - Visner di Pergola & Biscotti

Thanks for the family gathering last weekend.

Nice bungalow at Lantau Island: with freezing swimming pool, cute doggie called "lily -_-", lots of cheese, wine, my Vietnamese coffee, and most importantly my family members and family friends~

It is my first time enjoying the homemade Italian Christmas Dinner. Aunt Jeannie and her son came to Hong Kong for celebration with us. Bringng along the pandoro, making italian salad, serving the crackers with brie, blue cheese, chaubier cheese; italian style chicken wings...
Aunt Jeannie brought a yellow package biscotti with hint of lemon zest. She introduces the pairing with Visner di Pergola.
Visner di Pergola - A dessert wine with strong hint of wild berries, dominated by cranberry smell. Sense of twigs. The taste is unique! Scented and sweet.
Pairing is not just drinking wine and bitting the biscotti. It'sssss Dipping the biscotti into the wine, the dry and spongy body of biscotti will absorb the wine to become red biscotti. The harmony of biscotti and wine is bringing another revolution to the mouth. Perfect Match.
Gluttony, starting from here.
(p.s. my dad got the remaining back. Anybody interested please let me know, I can bring to share :P)


selina said...

Wei u took thepics yrself gar? Very very very pro wor!

Unknown said...

sor geh, they are very different background leh...i shd set the reference instead...oops.


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