Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 --> 2010

Happy New Year~ Happy 2010~

Lots of goals to accomplish this year. Plan set, getting all excited!!! Engaged !!!
As for 2009, my first accomplishment is... the full year no. of blog entries beat 2008 by 283%!!!
And I finally got some friends noticing the existence of this blog (however not many "followers" still...hopefully the stat of ppl visiting this blog gonna rise, HURRAY!)

Seriously I got some more to post, it's just that I just roughly type some draft, then forgot. Remembering the taste and the delicacy is really difficult, better immediately jot them down in my itouch and just post it wherever I can. Hong Kong Government, I need some more Wi-Fi spot...

One of my loveliest gift this year is from my ex roommate, the camera strap. Really nice of her. Many trips I have been with my camera and heavy lens, it really hurts my neck. With this strap, I am more willing to share the moments I'm experiencing with you all through the lens :)

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