Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Catchy Title

This post is more like a Branding / PR post.

Was thinking hard these days what to write for a blog. There are millions of blogs, forums, media, which one would you pick? What's your choice? How would you determine it?

Typical example is Twitter. Every 10-15 mins, there are more than 100 tweets from numerous followers, worshippers, etc. depending how much you were exposed to / being exposed to.
From these hundreds of tweets, which one would you look at? The eye-catching phrase? Those related to you? or you don't even care, only those you know, while others just stuff the space?

I had downloaded the twitterrific function and I found dizzy replying...
Nowadays, being "Trendy" and "Up-to-date" is not by week or by day, IT'S by MINUTE / SECOND!!!

People tend to read limited words / icons to share ideas. Imagine this is how the next generation is brought up, what would the world be like. No in-depth meaning, only impulsive response and intuitive judgement, no theory, no philsophy to support.

Back to the title. So what kind of catchy title would you prefer to click onto?
Another consumer behavior survey...your comments are important ^^


Karumen said...

re twitter, i'm still in stone age, can't seem to figure out it still (i gave it a 2nd try after creating the account but still can't seem to figure out how to use it! argh.... stupid moi...)

n re how to choose a blog to read, as a stone ager, it's compose of part 1 the "repetitive routine" (i usually go to some frds' sites n some sites that i thought r so funny that i bookmarked them), then a part 2 of "exploring the world" by randomly going to sites n taking a glimse of any pretty pictures (photos / illustrations).

so for me, it's still the content that matters. but perhaps for the youngsters, u need to capture their attention in a one liner... @@ or perhaps images do stimes help?

n sort of off topic, dunno if u hv this struggle but i defn do, which is to select a language to blog it..stimes i dunno if i shd stick with just eng or just chi or if it'd be confusing to hv 'chinglish' n such.... @@ still n unsolved "issue" to me!

Karumen said...

btw, not entirely sure if it's really effective...but this is wut i'm currently doing, trying to "boost" the blog hit rate. which is to search for related websites on blogspot (such as "paint, blogspot" in my case, or "wine, blogspot" in yours). n then following some that u think r interesting or who u think would be interested in ur blog..n leave some random comments... haha altho it may just be a one-timer thing, but at least they came once! lol


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