Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God of Dew

Studying the aroma wheel the other day, reminds me of a miracle...

When people get into the world of wine, their first tasting question would be

"What smell? I smell wine! What flavour? Wine! alcohol! grape @.@"

They are then very shocked by the label description of "toast, strawberry jam, licorice..." @@@@@@@@@
"Where the heck are these aroma from?"

Imagine...How can our devoted winemaker create all these~~~

Winemaker has been using more than 10 years to fertilize the vineyard before the grape is capable to absorb the nutients of terror. Not even mention the history of soil itself. (some are like hundred years!!)

They then spend several years experimenting the best combo of tannin, flavour, alcohol to ensure it accomodate customers especially wine judges' taste:
1. Tartration
2. Carbonic Maceration
3. Sussreserve
4. Chaptalization
5. Controlling compression of skin
6. Malolatic Fermentation
7. Fortified or distillation
They all affect the taste

Certainly the bottle turning, corkage, storage all have huge impacts to the quality. See how fragile and delicate wine is. Any tiny mistake in between would spoil one's impression on that wine. (base on wide range of variety, people prefer drawing conclusions quickly than giving many chances to the same wine). It's a Fame or Lame to the winemaker.

They also acquire chemistry knowledge to investigate what are the essence that induce which flavour, followed by sensitive senses to cross check the wine quality through sight, smell, palette etc...just like a wine judge and sommelier.

Not to mention the selling skills...
So now you know why winemaker is respectable. They are the real God of Water~ Winemakers ROCKKKKKKK

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Karumen said...

so much knowledge, and now so much more respect, to the wine makers! really! :O
btw, add oil keep up the postings ne! hehe!


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