Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2009

With more than 300 counters set right aside the Harbour, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2009 ended with a success. This is probably the most, and the only one spotlight event highlighting the Food & Wine Year by Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. Only a weekend event attracts more than 200 thousand visitors, we can't look down upon the impact of import tax reduction on wine.

A setting of hay ground with sunshine and breeze, it looks quite alike with those American village yard fair, of course with a romantic harbour view which defeat all the other normal fairs.
Wide range of activities which kept me hectic here and there the whole afternoon and night.

Series of show: ballet, quartet, lazer show, wine school...all the elegant elements that brings you to seamless and relaxed environment where you swirl the wine and immerge yourself in the soothing music & show.

Apart from Cellar store, Wine merchants, it is not surprise that other catering industry will also look for opportunities such as hotels, snacks store which hope to impress you with exquisite snacks that company well with wine:
This includes Whirl, the new lounge of Mira Hotel; Our respectable chef: Chez Patrick's Mr. Patrick who demo French cuisine right at the spot...lemon peel puree with duck breast.
You will also find chinese style abalone, port sauce with babylonia all in Spanish Tapas size, amazing~
With $150 of 12 tasting tickets, we could only be very selective in order to make these tickets worthwhile. (We ended up didn't use them all !)
Thus our strategy is heading for minorities, only those we found difficult to find in ordinary occasions. Therefore we look for countries like Macedonia, organic wine, South African wine, Canada non-ice wine. Some are quite harmonious.

You may disagree, undoubtedly true for my friend and I to find the Cheese Platter and Angus Beef cubes are the highlight of the night. We would sacrifice for low quality Bordeaux Wine to contrast with the major dish of the day.

At the end, I bought two bottles which I worth giving another blog entry next time opening it. They are from Spain and Italy. ~ Cheers ~


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