Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere 2002

Another shot treated by Mr. Hennesy. Excellent recommendation from his colleague, Ms. Marina from Chateau La Lagune. She pointed out the reason why I have strong feeling of tannin to Montrose is because I am fond of tender wine, e.g. Merlot instead of Cabernet Sauvignon.

That is so true. Comparatively speaking I prefer right bank than left bank of Bordeaux. Canon, whihc is from St. Emillion sounds more attractive to me as a drinker.

Elegant palate. Peppery tannin with hint of plum and raspberry (?!) Firm oak and well structured. I would see both Montrose and Canon to have similar potential, with Canon to mature earlier than Montrose.

Canon is called canon, now I guess it's probably about the strong backbone power n post attack length that's left in mouth.

I become one of the "victim" from it's powerful shot, "suffering" from it's aftertaste

Chateau Montrose 1996

The last wine tasted in Watson's Cellar. $60 for 25cc. Thanks Mr. Hennensy for his treat.

Recommended by another visitor on spot. He was the winery owner from Bordeaux coming all the way to explore further opportunity of deals with the east.

Learn a few tips from this authentic owner. He could tell right directly the approximate age even the wine itself looks young n needs maturation. His tip is to tell the length n brightness of the rim. The longer n brighter of the rim, the older the wine is. Undoubted true that with 13yrs vintage, it is difficult to justify from it's ruby red body.

Long tears. From it's smell of unopenness, vaccum flavor would allow you imagination of it's potential behind. Dominated by licorice n leather flavour.

I personally am not a big fan of leather, around 90% of these wine are long-lasting tagged with astronomy price.

Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatieres 2006

Couldn't wait until international wine fair, I paid a visit again to the 'vin'ing machine in Watson cellar right after gym.

The first tasting is a white chardonnay. Pale greenish-yellow. Long legs. Nose with citric n acidic. Fresh in palete. Medium finish.

With $13 per 25cc, fair sip

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chateau Ricardelle Vingelacroix La Clape 2007 (Blanc)

It's the reserved wine from my friend which I bought her originally as gifts for her relatives.
Instead of the preference of the majority, since I am not familiar with the taste of the relatives and obviously they are not the superfan, choice would have to be very light and careful.

Surprisingly and feeling so honoured that I am invited to share one of them :)

La Clape turns out to be very impressive. It is a typical example of easy drinking wine. Focus not on the acidity, but on the balancing body. Little floral, slightly mineral.

Expecting the light body to be like those flat Chardonnay, we are then all amazed by long after taste from the wine. The swirl from throat to the nose is so powerful with petrol and peach and honey finish.

Imagine looking for oasis in dessert, in a mirage, so thirsty and you almost give up. Turn around in a glimpse you discover the oasis is just behind you. This wine is just like this picture

Find this wine at: Maxi Wine

Grape: 65%Bourbouienc 35%Grenache Blanc

Friday, October 23, 2009

Teeth without wisdom

Why wisdom teeth is called wisdom teeth?

Got my 2nd wisdom tooth removed this week. Unfortunately I couldn't prepare myself earlier as I could not recall any experience with the removal of my 1st wisdom tooth. Before I even lied on that "hell-like" chair, there is a breath-taking poster sticked on the wall on my right:
Stunning...NAILS drilled into the gum to fix the fake crown. It's even worse than glueing the wig on your bald head...
Imagining how I have related it to the whole removal process... All I heard is "ding ding dong dong" -- MINING!!! So nervous that I kept shivering, start feeling dizzy that the nurse asked me to CALM my TONGUE down.
The tooth was finally removed, with dentist claiming that she didn't not use her forceful way to pull it, just that it slides out (then where is the mining sound from???)
Looking back to the poster, I hv a strong wish that I won't ending up with this implant when I grow old.
Here comes the typical question: "Dentist, how can I avoid tooth decay?" Surprisingly the answer is not typically "well, eat less snacks, brush your teeth thoroughly", what she said is "Have 5 meals at most for the day: breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper; no snacks, only water in between and you won't get tooth decay."
That's practical, and very modern way of accomodating stupid slave of the snack corner like me, great~

Without the wisdom tooth, my remaining teeth without wisdom still enable me to ask the right questions for wisdom answers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheesecake Baking (old post)

Cyan came over to my home begging to bake the cheesecake for her potential boyfriend (well, eventually he is her boyfriend now, congratulations~)

Rushing home at 10pm (sourcing the raw materials at around 9), we start patting and stirring the mixture here and there in the first 30 mins. Imagine two little office gals, with all the office wear, all the mix were stick on the shirt, on face, stuck in the tiny narrow kitchen.

One thing that I was still being teased about is that we have this laptop open on stove to refer to the recipe.

We even forgot to pre-heat the oven~~~

Finally as you can see, this is the nicely done blueberry cheesecake.

Next step: It's for Cyan to do the finale -- the presentation of the cake~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival @ Shek O

Spending my wonderful mid-autumn festival with my colleague at Shek O for barbeque.

Since I haven't been to the beach for celebration, I am amazed by the crowd on the beach, even denser than Mongkok, it's like 1 person every 2 square feet!

Back to back having barbeque, you can feel the proximity with the "neighbors" that you propably gonna think how to prevent yourself from falling into the barbeque pit ^^:

What a fine night with slight breeze occasionally blowing across, with the wave of measurable heights. That triggers me the thought about the other countries where their people should also be celebrating mid-autumn festival.

Phillipine & Indonesia & Taiwan. One affected by typhoon, the other 2 affected by earthquake. While appreciating the times with the colleagues, we have to pay attention and mourn for the unpredictable crisis occuring in other countries.

Let's pray and wish them be with their family for the post celebration of mid-autumn festival soon. Both men and moon shall come to an union.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The SIMs 3

Recently addicted to the game.
Trying to balance the maslow's hiercharcy's basic satisfaction of the character while fulfill all their short term goals: getting raise in career, throw a great party, chat with family, make friends, learn a new skill.
While playing along hard to fulfill all these, you'll find yourself sacrificing the sleep, no clean up of the house, no good food, no time bathing. If you have time do all the energy , bathing and other housework, you won't even have time chatting with anyone.
Then I suddenly realize, the SIMs is just so real in life. You have a choice to choose your path, your career, your success, your partner and you can get lost in the game on how you are trying to end it and what would you achieve.
Up to this point. I decide to stop playing this game, and think about myself instead of keep thinking about the choice of life for the characters in the game. Sarcastic, huh?
Same clueless...


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