Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chateau Ricardelle Vingelacroix La Clape 2007 (Blanc)

It's the reserved wine from my friend which I bought her originally as gifts for her relatives.
Instead of the preference of the majority, since I am not familiar with the taste of the relatives and obviously they are not the superfan, choice would have to be very light and careful.

Surprisingly and feeling so honoured that I am invited to share one of them :)

La Clape turns out to be very impressive. It is a typical example of easy drinking wine. Focus not on the acidity, but on the balancing body. Little floral, slightly mineral.

Expecting the light body to be like those flat Chardonnay, we are then all amazed by long after taste from the wine. The swirl from throat to the nose is so powerful with petrol and peach and honey finish.

Imagine looking for oasis in dessert, in a mirage, so thirsty and you almost give up. Turn around in a glimpse you discover the oasis is just behind you. This wine is just like this picture

Find this wine at: Maxi Wine

Grape: 65%Bourbouienc 35%Grenache Blanc

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Karumen said...

altho i dunno much abt wine i thought it's vy gd too ^^v hehehe


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