Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheesecake Baking (old post)

Cyan came over to my home begging to bake the cheesecake for her potential boyfriend (well, eventually he is her boyfriend now, congratulations~)

Rushing home at 10pm (sourcing the raw materials at around 9), we start patting and stirring the mixture here and there in the first 30 mins. Imagine two little office gals, with all the office wear, all the mix were stick on the shirt, on face, stuck in the tiny narrow kitchen.

One thing that I was still being teased about is that we have this laptop open on stove to refer to the recipe.

We even forgot to pre-heat the oven~~~

Finally as you can see, this is the nicely done blueberry cheesecake.

Next step: It's for Cyan to do the finale -- the presentation of the cake~

1 comment:

Karumen said...

i want to eat cheeeeeese cakeeee!!!!


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