Friday, October 23, 2009

Teeth without wisdom

Why wisdom teeth is called wisdom teeth?

Got my 2nd wisdom tooth removed this week. Unfortunately I couldn't prepare myself earlier as I could not recall any experience with the removal of my 1st wisdom tooth. Before I even lied on that "hell-like" chair, there is a breath-taking poster sticked on the wall on my right:
Stunning...NAILS drilled into the gum to fix the fake crown. It's even worse than glueing the wig on your bald head...
Imagining how I have related it to the whole removal process... All I heard is "ding ding dong dong" -- MINING!!! So nervous that I kept shivering, start feeling dizzy that the nurse asked me to CALM my TONGUE down.
The tooth was finally removed, with dentist claiming that she didn't not use her forceful way to pull it, just that it slides out (then where is the mining sound from???)
Looking back to the poster, I hv a strong wish that I won't ending up with this implant when I grow old.
Here comes the typical question: "Dentist, how can I avoid tooth decay?" Surprisingly the answer is not typically "well, eat less snacks, brush your teeth thoroughly", what she said is "Have 5 meals at most for the day: breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper; no snacks, only water in between and you won't get tooth decay."
That's practical, and very modern way of accomodating stupid slave of the snack corner like me, great~

Without the wisdom tooth, my remaining teeth without wisdom still enable me to ask the right questions for wisdom answers.

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