Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival @ Shek O

Spending my wonderful mid-autumn festival with my colleague at Shek O for barbeque.

Since I haven't been to the beach for celebration, I am amazed by the crowd on the beach, even denser than Mongkok, it's like 1 person every 2 square feet!

Back to back having barbeque, you can feel the proximity with the "neighbors" that you propably gonna think how to prevent yourself from falling into the barbeque pit ^^:

What a fine night with slight breeze occasionally blowing across, with the wave of measurable heights. That triggers me the thought about the other countries where their people should also be celebrating mid-autumn festival.

Phillipine & Indonesia & Taiwan. One affected by typhoon, the other 2 affected by earthquake. While appreciating the times with the colleagues, we have to pay attention and mourn for the unpredictable crisis occuring in other countries.

Let's pray and wish them be with their family for the post celebration of mid-autumn festival soon. Both men and moon shall come to an union.

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