Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Half-breed - D'Aiguilhe 1999

Haven't been touching Gironde for a while. Thanks big uncle often lavishly sharing his cellar with us. In this recent Winter Solstice, he has again shared his joy -- D'Aiguilhe 1999 from Cotes de Castillon.
With fruity and berries like flavour, it tastes more like Merlot than Cabernet Sauvignon...however, Cabernet Sauvignon is the one making the major role in the wine. Its rusty feeling gives a balance to the wine. Not too tannic, I would rather say this is quite consistent to my uncle's preference: It's quite American like: Strong first grasp of my attention, punched with blackberries. Not long while after then the aftertaste slowly back to the throat till the abs.

It has the style of American with a body of French wine...Half-breed wine.

After breathing...the tannin is neutralized yet the fruitiness faded away...and yes, it's US$15.99...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wine A versus Wine B

Pay attention. Wine A normally is the challenger and Wine B is the champion, whereby Wine B turned out to be...one of the vineyard of the Premier Cru of the 1855 Classe.

Wine A under normal circumstance, are those from the New World:

USA: Caymus, Opus One, Dominus
Chile: Errazuris, VInedo Chadwick, Sena
Italy: Sassicaia, Tignanella, Gaja Barbaresco

Looking at my little copper passbook (not the glamourous gilt ones...)
Couldn't afford to have Wine B as a comparison, I could on the other hand consider owning Wine A =P

Recently was browsing the local Hongkie magazine which mention the plan of Google acquire a online group purchase website called "Groupon" where you can join the group purchase to earn enough bargaining power for sumptuous quantity of goods at huge discount.

Deeply considering whether we can do the same... Who's in for Wine A?


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