Thursday, October 1, 2009

The SIMs 3

Recently addicted to the game.
Trying to balance the maslow's hiercharcy's basic satisfaction of the character while fulfill all their short term goals: getting raise in career, throw a great party, chat with family, make friends, learn a new skill.
While playing along hard to fulfill all these, you'll find yourself sacrificing the sleep, no clean up of the house, no good food, no time bathing. If you have time do all the energy , bathing and other housework, you won't even have time chatting with anyone.
Then I suddenly realize, the SIMs is just so real in life. You have a choice to choose your path, your career, your success, your partner and you can get lost in the game on how you are trying to end it and what would you achieve.
Up to this point. I decide to stop playing this game, and think about myself instead of keep thinking about the choice of life for the characters in the game. Sarcastic, huh?
Same clueless...

1 comment:

josie said...

i experienced the same thing

I was addicted to it too, but after a while u'll find it so boring. haha


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