Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog ME!

I was randomly searching google for pictures tonight, wondering if I search "Obama", I'll see Jason Obama picture. If I search "Sammi" , I'll see Sammi Cheng as first picture.

What if I search "Lillian Chan"?
Ok, I see myself on 3rd picture.

How about "Lillian Chan" & "Wine"?
OMG!!! I saw my picture on somebody's blog!!!!!! (US accent plzzz)

Title: Hong Kong is seriously Wine Crazy!
(I am a bit calm, at least not only pinpointing at me...V_V)

Now I remember this Mr. Max, echoing my blog post:

Thanks for remembering me and most of all --> BLOG MEEEEEEEE ^.^

Now I become your official blog follower~~~

1 comment:

Karumen said...

woo woo woo!!!!

congrats!!!! did they mention ur name in the blog too? :D:D:D:D


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