Monday, January 18, 2010

Gathering 2: Give a "Themeless" a Theme

2nd anniversary at Lian - Theme: BIG WINE
12 wines all-you-can-drink. They got red, white, sparkling... Shall I treat that as irrelavancy or bonus offer??
They are from all over the world-- France, Aussie, chile, Spain, south Africa, can call it
WWW - World War Wine.

Unlimited refill 6-10pm, unfortunately I arrived at 9. What we do is hiding the glasses and raise our hands for moreeeeee...
Yes, you're right, it's more like drinking competition. Me? Half drunk on the way home (ssshhhhh...)

Slight comments for some wine:
1. Loxarel, Cava Brut 2004: fizzling as usual, more for mouth cleansing, end with stale and metallic note.
2. Moscato d'Asti: Honey comb pungent, vanilla round the palate, fresh and sweet, go best with cholate or cake, groan that I didn't's the lady killer in my fd's mind. I can't agree more as the next day my fd proved the 'theory' right!
3. Shiraz, Malbec: Typical Shiraz & Malbec, goes well with pork and light red meat.
4. Barbera D'alba: Intensive dark cherry flavour; delicate, a well-balanced red of the day. Goes nicely with beef cubes
5. Casablanca Nimbus Gewurztraminer 2007: Less lychee, still retain the crisp, the after-taste is very short, and little acidic, a fair fair average. Can't beat the Moscato to become gal's favourite, that's unusual.
6. Viognier: Drunk...can't recall...

Recommendation to LIAN:

Problem with THEMELESS drink is that you will find it hard to do food pairing. Especially the dishes come at different times the chemical reaction may not sync.

WHY don't we take Lian as a "Food Pairing Workshop"? Customers to pay reasonably to achieve win-win wine & cuisine night under comfy environment, nice pairing service and NIL complaints on fishy food only becoz they match it wrongly.

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Eric said...

$198 for unlimited supply of wine is attractive for wine drinkers -- but I suspect I couldn't taste anything when approaching the 5th or 6th wines!


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