Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Greatest Motivation Today~

Permission to use photos

Hi Lillian;My name is xxxxx, and I'm working on a course development team that's putting together a course on Hong Kong conservation and biodiversity to be presented to students at the Open University of Hong Kong.Our students would really enjoy and benefit by seeing some of your photos! I'm particularly interested in your diving photos from Tung Ping Chau. Would it be possible for us to have permission to use some of these in our course materials? The course is online only, and is restricted to registered students, so their use would be purely educational, i.e. we'd not be distributing the photos in any other way. We would of course include a credit in any form you'd like.If you agree, I'll send along a list of the photos we'd like to use.Thanks much for your attention,xxxxxx Course Designer, Open University of Hong Kong

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Karumen said...

woohoo!!! so happy for u ^o^!!!!


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