Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pavilion @ Crown Plaza Hotel Causeway Bay

Knock the door by chance, in the fame of my uncle n dad's design and recommendation, we step into the world of wonder tonight.

Originally aim to club 28, driven by curiosity of it's name 'pavilion', we were then stepped into this authentic lounge. Half open space occupying top 2 floors of the hotel. With splashes of flowing water surrounding the spacious layout, each table / couch is well preserving guests' privacies.

Despite the layout, you will be amazed by the stunning view of happy valley racecourse and glamourous causeway bay demostrating the typical cosmopolitan. Then it might trigger your consideration in buying a flat at leighton heights in future.

Some couches there are specially designed with flexible shade covering adjustable swirling sofa, with several cozy cushions laying around; whereas some are like beach benches with movable table for drinks. Varieties bring hospitality.

Pretty comprehensive drink list serving wines, cocktails, mocktails and cigars.

The only essence to add is music. It's gonna be awesome if you come in autumn, enjoying all the tranquility and breeze. The sad thing is that they don't serve parties and it closes at 12am at the moment. Have reflected this suggestion anyway, see how they deal with it~

Enjoyed the moment that I almost lost my consciousness, dwelling in this mist of dream and fantasy...

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Karumen said...

That hotel is newly built I heard,sth like a boutique hotel:)


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