Sunday, January 22, 2012

c'est la B - Dessert is no longer Guilt

As my favorite cafe Pumpernickel is full house because of nearby flower market, I am looking for alternatives, and here I come - C'est La B, the branch of Ms. B's Bakery
Yearn to know the place for long. Having tasted the earl grey chiffon cake and the caramel crunch cake from Sevva, I have always desired to re-visit Sevva or other Ms B's branch.

Today's afternoon choice (or lunch...I am starving...) :

Panna Cotta in Fairy dust $55 - milky pudding with biscotti dust plus caramel crumbs. As light as angel's feather. You won't feel like eating dessert is an equivalent pound added to your body. Not guilt anymore.

Cafe au lait $42 - personal opinion, I always like the way restaurants serving raw sugar. Well, the cappuccino next door is better though I prefer more coffee than foam and air lol...

Decorations makes c'est la B a post modern area, a wonderland, similar to Charlie and the chocolate factory I would say. The teapot lampshade, colorful cake slide, even the colorful chairs, everything seems to be authentically picked.

c'est la B
Address: Shop 3, G/F, 110-114 Tung Lo Wan Road
Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11:30 am - midnight
Phone: 28068168

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