Saturday, December 3, 2011

East meet West Hairy Crab Pairing Night

A signature gathering every year among our high school schoolmates. Thanks for organizing this for me. Yes for me solely. It all begins with one phone call “Hi, we have the 19xx year Shao Xing wine available, do you want to have one? It is 3L though” “What?” Tempting, yet 3 Litre, how can I finish it?!?!

Another phone call … “It’s October now! Are you interested to organize the crab festival again? I do have the Chinese yellow wine that was created in the year we were born!!! , in the name of friends’ birthday celebration too, 1 stone 2 birds...”

Spotlight~ The yellow wine is the perfect match for both female and male hairy crab. 13 of us, could only finish half of the 3 Litre. If I have to describe how Shao Xing twenties something years is different from a ten something years, I could only use smoothness as measurement, the little warmth from the wine does give a soothing aftertaste especially after the war with the hairy crab. It stimulates your appetite to conquer more of the crab. (For the region, please refer to my previous blog in June 2011)

If I have to use wine tasting method to describe, it does give me some challenge. Since I was born drinking this wine, this is more like asking me to describe water. Some marinated plum with vintage vinegar flavour with well balanced medium body, long length aftertaste, however neither intensive tannin nor alcohol in the wine itself.

Thanks Carman for contributing the remaining of wine Vin Jaune Arbois Frederic Lornet 2003 from Jura region of eastern France, it has similarities as the Chinese yellow wine. If I have to put it in a European way, they both tastes like Sherry, certainly vin jaune (in English means yellow wine) is milder, which is made from Savagnin grapes. This gives a wider spectrum of the wine pairing for hairy crab. (Carman, I think I’ve seen it in Cottage Vineyard in Causeway Bay, not sure whether you grab it there)

Both wine has highlight the signature event of the year~ of coz, ended with our hymn song. Bravo~

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