Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wine Now Monthly Wine Fair

Venue: Happy Valley 7/F & 8/F

This is one of the most decent wine fair I've been to, I am not referring to the decency of the venue, I am talking about decency of the wine. It is judged by how much wine I spit.

Organized by the founder of Wine Now Mr. Lau Chi Sun. He looks energetic, though difficult in walking. His generosity in donating wine for lucky draw and his speech is very warm. You can tell how enthrusiastic he has been to this industry.

With around 30 wine merchants joining this year, I attend this function alone has my friends still hangover from previous drinking with friends.

Grace Vineyard:
Grace Vineyard is the prominent mainland vineyard that market their wine. Good enough to have won bordeaux competition bronze awards. No doubt that this is one of my to-do list in the event. Tried the elegant blue bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vine to Wine
Australian Wine Shop. Every hour, they will decant reserved wines such as Bass Phillip, Wild Duck, Jasper Hill, Mount Mary Pinot Noir. The owner has pretty good decanting skills, imagine he is like the Vin de Dieu character. White Box and Buddha Wine are the other 2 buy 1 get 1 free recommendation, those are easy drinking daily wine, soothing palate. Cozy chat with the people at the shop. Can see they are not just serving wine, they are serving wine knowledge.


Amarone from Veneto , Wine from Kelit of Shenzhen, A Veneto Wine maker. Oaky and too tannic though. Imagine Italian coming to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen without knowing Cantonese and Mandarin.'s gonna be tough.

Since I went there just dropped by for an hour and left. Nice wine fair, hope there will be more next year :)

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