Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003

Again, this wine tasting is from the leftover on Saturday, and I only drank it on Wed late nite.
Though the taste is not as strong, the aftertaste could stay quite a while, which I presume the original taste would have intensive black berries flavour. The palate is round my tongue and would taste nice even on its own.

Below are from other blog:

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003: An attractive nose here, even though it carries the warm ripe confit fruit of the vintage. The soft and rounded texture is immediately apparent on the palate, with a rather appealing weight and substance, but it has a level of acidity which is on the low side. And of course there is a big wall of tannins too, leading to a hard finish. Nevertheless it all sits together reasonably well and taken within the context of the vintage I find this to be good. It is just superior to the 1996, tasted alongside. 16+/20

Chateau d'Issan (Margaux) 2003: Ripe and open on the nose, big and expressive with black cherry fruit. Very typical of the vintage. A huge presence of tannin on the palate, although they are quite well coated with fruit and texture. They come to the fore on the finish though. Low acidity, as you might expect, but overall this isn't bad, and approaches a balance that some wines of this vintage find difficult to achieve. 16.5+/20 (November 2006)

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