Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lafon Rochet 1994

Wine: Chateau Lafon Rochet
Region: Saint Estephe
Controllee: Saint Estephe Controllee
Year: 1994
Grand Cru Classe en 1855

An interesting wine. You never know what's after it...

Colour: Brick Red --> ready to drink~

Tears: Long legs...strong alcohol content and concentration

Sniff: Strong Alcohol, metalico...

Palette: First, metallic, leather...then a bit meaty...

Length: super long length, but at a thin layer

After a while.........

Palette: Metallic flavour is gone, replaced by more meaty taste

Character: after sipping...what is left is a sweet watery palette which is rather like the after taste of drinking bitter tea, interesting~

Conclusion: Suitable for drinking, can pair up with weaker taste food, a good company of red meat.

Price: dunno~~~ coz that's my compensation of dad drinking a pricy white wine without inviting me >.<


Karumen said...

an off topic question, for the 'counter' that u hv on the bottom of the page, does it show u who came or other fancy analysis other than the cummulative total # of ppl hoping by? :P

Parlor said...

that one i dunno. shd be some cummulative total #. to bluff ... ME~ haha.


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