Monday, January 5, 2009

Chairman's Reserve - Shiraz

Since not much $$, so I grab whatever is in Dad's cellar :P

Chairman's Reserve - Shiraz 2004...... WHICH HAVE BEEN PUT FOR 2 DAYS ALREADY!!!~

What's weird still has long finish. Bravo~ It surprises me coz Aussie wine tends to go sour n depreciate quickly as it oxidizes in hours

However, this long finish doesn't came back with a strong taste, a strong yet watery finish.

The spice is still intense, in face covered by much of its alcohol content. Plummy, not that structured and full body compared to those with berries flavour, which is more or less due to the plum nature that the producer wanna emphasize (what a WILD guess...)

Well, most of my comments won't be valued, as it is an oxidized wine, haha, anyhow, it's jus a sip , keke.

From Google:
Hunter flavours: plum, earth, spice integrated with nutmeg character. This wine has a lovely structure, balanced by the lingering soft oak tannins.Accompany with steak, beef, lamb or cheese.

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