Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Dream Photographer

I finally find my destination~~~

A local photography magazine recently captures an article on 10 influencial professional photographers, who were all brought up from different occupations rather than photographer assistant.
The turning point for each of them to become professional photographer are all happens to be some once-in-a-lifetime inspirations. The one I admired most is Kennymax, who used to be (I think currently still is) a webmaster. He masters natural light so well that he seldom uses flash light or even postwork polishing via photoshop. Photos illustrate the tranquility of nature while contrasting the energetic model. Kenny has made them perfect match in the picture~



Karumen said...

chked out his blog just now~ really vy nice photos :)

ms chan, me think u also take vy nice photos, keeeep it going!!! gogogo!!!

Parlor said...

ms. lee
the photos are awesome. I will keep it up, provided my technique in tuning the light and color are still ok, it's always so weird, the lighting...

add oil~


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