Friday, August 28, 2009

Upcoming wine gatherings - Wine tasting buddy wanted!!!~

Wine tasting can be of many forms, here are the menu of my proposed upcoming wine gatherings:

@ Horizontal Tasting: Tasting a series of wine on the same grape combination, can sole grape tasting or blended grape tasting.
@Vertical Tasting: Tasting same wine by of different vintages.
@Area / Terrior Tasting: Tasting of the similar wine region or wine environment of similar geographic condition
@Flavour Tasting: Tasting wine of similar flavour e.g. vanilla, butter, peach, oak...
@Vintage Tasting: Tasting various wine of same vintage
@Sole drinking vs food matching: self-explanatory
@Sole tasting vs blend tasting: find the best match grape combo
@Palate tasting vs Nose tasting: How different between your first smell and your first taste of the same glass.

Wine Tasting Buddy needed. Please sign-up and I'll get the venue and wine list ready. That would be one of my mission in 2009~~~


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