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BYOB Blind Tasting #1 - Pinot Noir at Twyst

To learn tasting the truth of each grape, blind tasting would be the best way.We did prepare well by wrapping our bottle with aluminium foil. Special thanks to our waiter who help us recording the numbering of the bottle so that we can't tell the wine even from the wrapping of it. Now you know why I desperately look for free corkage restaurant. Let me know if you have any.
After this fascinating and extraordinary event that wow my friends and I, I decided to hold this event regularly called BYOB - Bring your own bottle where I setup the topic every time and a limit to the blind tasting bottle so that the more people we have, the wider range we can share.
In case we will be too bored with the Pinot Noir, we brought along more than enough extra wine: limited edition Champagne, Asti, Moscato and home fermented plum wine (vintage 2011)

The Opening -  Just-in-time seasonal Japanese Honey Dew. On the ripe rattan, there used to be 10 honey dew hanging on. By cutting 9 of them, the remaining nutrients all boost to the last one -- the one we see here. It's the first time I am not munching the fruit, I am sucking the fruit. Its too juice in a sense that chewing is unnecessary.

For free corkage restaurant, what we look would be whether the food is easy to company the wine. Wine is the star, food is assistant actor. You know the Hollywood way. Sommelier also can share some of the tasting, good stuf worth sharing to all, isn't it?

Italy Araldica Asti
Speedy bubble, Lychee, pear, Gas big bubble
France Pierrel Tailormade Champagne NV
Appearance: Long n many smooth bubble
Nose: Yeast, citric, grass, biscuit
Palate: Same more mineral, alcohol high, acidic
Not yet released and let me know if you want one.

Blind Tasting

Pinot 1 - Australia Moondarra Pinot Noir 2010
Colour: Rim, pinkish, light
Nose: Oaky, cherry, earthy , grassy,
Palate: Vanilla, charcoal, oak, acidic
After lamb - More fruit, no oak anymore
Medium in length
Very typical Pinot Noir character, on its colour, on its lightweightness and on its cherry red berry + grassy nose. Good stuff.
Pinot 2 - France Burgundy Corton Domaine Latour Pinot Noir 1990
Colour: Tawny red, rim
Nose: Red berry, black berry, white pepper, tar,
Palate: Prune, plum, licorice, Alcohol is quite strong
After breathing for 2 hours : more leather, much longer length and softer tannin.
Thought it was flat when first drink it, feeling that it is hiding away from something which worths a second chance later, that is telling us, it worths. Classic Pinot from France of a grand year.

Pinot 3 - USA Napa Valley Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir 2009
Colour: Crimson red rim
Nose: Leather, corn, bubble gum, cherry
Body: heavy, alcohol: high,
Palate: Vege, red fruit, licorice, blackcurrant
After lamb - More fruit again n licorice
More comment down below.

Pinot 4 - USA Anderson Valley Migration 2007
Colour: Crimson red, rim, intense colour
Nose: Vanilla, cream, red fruit,
Palate: Licorice, smooth, creamy, vanilla, clay, lengthy,
After lamb - oaky, more licorice remained on tongue

Pinot 5 - Italy Castello Di Pomino Pinot Noir 2006
Colour: Brownish Copper
Nose: Chinese herbs, hawthorn
Palate: Acidic, hint of sweet soy sauce (one used for dim sum), Chinese medicine
Taste faulty. Not puke yet.
Indeed, when the sommelier opens the label, we are stunned our ability to categorize and to group that #3 and #4 pinot noir taste from the same country that has more licorice and atypical pinot noir that consists length and peppery like a Cabernet Sauvignon; while #5 can rarely be found in the market in a sense that pinot noir should be minority in the country. Through this we understand a lot more about the wine and we can trust our taste and ability to interpret it. Amazing!

We will organize more of this BYOB blind tasting and get more friends to come. Please comment on this blog if you would like to register for the 2nd round: Chef-at-home on 7th July. Theme: Chardonnay.

Food of the night:

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