Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wine of the day #5 – Chateau Daugay (Le Dragon de Quintus) St. Emilion Grand Cru 2007

Thanks to the freebie from Vinexpo. This was drunk to company post Father's Day TV gathering - "A bite in China". When looking at my hometown winter bamboo shoot blossom, sipping the wine, a marriage flash across our imagination. Unfortunately, the wine seems to be too light and sulphur to marry in mind. New view towards Cabernet Franc based wine.

Tertre Daugay was bought by Chateau Haut Brion in year 2011, the quality has been restored since its last deterioration of St. Emilion Grand Cru status in 2006. The recent news of this vineyard was that Chateau Daugay is renamed as Chateau Quintus in Nov 2011 while its second wine is renamed as Le Dragon de Quintus, therefore you have to search more details of this wine online in this new name.

Assessment of Quality

Developing, entry level wine due to many primary fruit character and light in body, simple structure. Lack of complexity given most of the intensity is below benchmark, suggesting this should be the entry market level. Could not believe this could be the second wine of a Grand Cru St. Emilion class. Perhaps the vintage was not on the year when the quality is restored to Grand Cru Class as yet that the winemakers tend to put more effort on Tertre Daugay than this.  6/10


Clarity: Bright
Intensity: medium
Colour: Ruby
Observations: short legs, light rim

Condition: Clean
Development: developing
Intensity: medium -
Aroma: Cherry, Asparagus, Vegetable, corn, mushroom, little woody oaky

Sweetness: medium +
Acidity: medium
Tannin: medium -
Alcohol: medium -
Body: medium -
Flavour Intensity: medium
Flavour: More red berries, Plum, Prune, more sulphur, less alcohol punch.
Length: short, alcohol is also short in length.
Readiness to drink

Drink now. Suggest to drink one hour after breathing if you prefer more fruity character. Vanilla bouquet from the glass, structure improves and more balanced in terms of acidity and tannin.

Suggested food pairing: Mushroom, pork, Stewed meat & vegetables, pigeon. ____________________________________________________________

Source: St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France
Price: appro. $157
Year: 2007
Grape varietal: 40% Merlot, 60% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 14.5%
Score: NIL
Qualification: 2nd wine of Chateau Quintus / Chateau Daugay

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