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Dragon of Wine for 5 Descendants of the Dragon

Dragon – the symbol of dignity, auspicious power and respect. Chinese people are represented as Descendants of the Dragon. Not only is this the year of Dragon, it is also the 5th Dragon cycle (every 12 years), which is why we had an opulent dinner, celebrating 5 dragons’ 60th birthday.

So-called “no-budget” wine dinner ^^, I was responsible for wine selection and food pairing. Here’s the sumptuous Dragon Wine list:
1.      Billecart Salmon Extra Brut NV (France - Champagne)
2.      TaittingerPrelude Brut  NV(France - Champagne)
3.      Meursault 2006 (France – Burgundy)
4.      Caymus Special Selection 2003 (USA – Napa)
5.      Chateau Branaire-Ducru 2006 (France – Bordeaux)
6.      Errazuriz Kai 2009 (Chile – Aconcagua Valley)
7.      Niepoort Port 1952 (Portugal - Douro)
8.      Kay Brothers Amery Rare Muscat (Australia - McLaren Vale)

Level of difficulty : *** (5* is the hardest)
Before you click more, let's guess how the food matching was done?


Answer: Billecarte Salmon
Why: Mineral flavour can help introduce the savory taste of upcoming appetizers. The slow sizzling bubbles would add CO2 to energize the palate. Plus people cannot take too much sweet when getting older so having a savory start is more appropriate.


Asseiettes des hors d’oeuvre
  Balik Salmon with Condiments
  Fresh Gooseliver Suchi with an Orange-honey Glaze
  Beluga Caviar on New Potato with Sour Cream

Answer: Tattinger & Caymus
Why: Tattinger is creamier champagne, longer and speedier bubbles as a start would help dissolve the salmon, caviar and gooseliver’s fat tissue, also the creaminess blend well with the fish’s rawness. It has always been Japanese’ favourite.
Caymus has shorter length than Kai and Ducru therefore can be put in the front entirely for pairing with gooseliver.


Essence of Quail with Lobster Ravioli
  Perfumed with Lemon Grass

Answer: Tattinger & Mersault
Why: The soup is unexpectedly clear. Ravioli is presented like a wonton. Tattinger would gives a spark to the dish while Mersault is to marry with the lemongrass which is dominating the flavor of the soup.


Pink Champagne and alamansi Granite
No wine, as sorbet’s purpose is to clear the palate


Seared Garoupa
  Bouquettiere of Vegetables

Answer: Mersault
Why: In fact this is rather acidic and green Mersault, not a good year. Recommending the typical version (ie the creamier one) this to go with the cream-based seafood dish. Sauce of the dish is the key this time. Succulent seafood in general goes with white wine, with delectable cream sauce which dominates the dish, pairing should be with the sauce instead.


Cherry Wood-smoked U.S. Prime Beef Tenderloin
  On Warm Alpine Mushroom Salad with a White Truffle Aioli
  Parisenne Potatoes
  Bouquettiere of Vegetables

Answer: Kai, Ducru
Why: Bigger body, have secondary flavor intensity, need to decant which menas they are fuller body and larger bouquet. Longer length and tannin to dissolve the tendon of the tenderloin. Cherry Wood needs to be mindful. The smokiness will cover all red berries characteristics in the wine, so more peppery and more leathery the wine, the better marriage they can bring.


Dessert Taster Platter
  Petit Lemon Meringue Tartelette
  Fresh Mango Napoleon
  Moelleux Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

Answer: 1952 Port & Rare Muscat
Why: Jammy, concentrated sweetness that is compatible to the dessert. However that goes well with only chocolate and lemon meringue, equal amount of sweetness on tongue.
Mango napoleon is comparatively light, port and muscat’s taste cover the original taste of napoleon. Therefore knowing the concentration of the sweetness of the dessert is utmost important on the choice of food.
Rare Muscat is floral and lighter than 1952 port. If light dessert as Mango napoleon has to be paired, those without fortified goes first.


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