Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wine of the day #4 – Tellurian Tranter Shiraz 2010 Heathcote Victoria Australia

Assessment of Quality

Used to be outstanding quality, when it was just opened. However after 7 days, the alcohol length is much shorter, and the flavor is not as strong and intense when it was first drunk.
It can still be identified that 7 days before it should be the star drunk. The gamy flavor is speculated in the nose, not in the flavor. The loss of peppery days later indicate the wine cannot mature for too long. 10 years would be max. This is the signature wine of Tellurian which was picked in Tranter Road Vineyard, illustrating through the blend of French oak and American oak barrique aging by wine maker Tobias Ansted to give both front and mid palate a smoother taste. 7/10

Clarity: Bright
Intensity: medium (7 days later... it becomes medium +)
Colour: Garnet
Observations: short legs

Condition: Clean

Development: fully developed (after 7 days)
Intensity: high

Aroma: Floral, peppery, red currant, little hint of game (some trace of Pinot Noir?)

Sweetness: medium 
Acidity: medium
Tannin: medium +

Alcohol: high

Body: full

Flavour Intensity: high

Flavour: fruitier, more red berries, less peppery and less gamy, some coconut end note
Length: very short, tired? However long aftertaste, it’s the alcohol that is short.

Readiness to drink
Fully developed, ready to drink and can last for 10 years or more.
Suggest decanting before drinking and finish it within 2 days.

Suggested food pairing: Peking Duck, Minced meat dishes,
Source: Heathcote, Australia
Price: NIL
Year: 2010
Grape varietal: Shiraz
Alcohol: 14.5%
Score: 96 pts (James Halliday)
 for 2009 vintage. 2010 is distributed in Australia only.
Qualification: NIL

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