Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wine Dinner with Online Seafood Delivery – Ocean Three

Such a vast growing trend on seafood online order & delivery service in Hong Kong in recent 2 years; people who have source on seafood wholesale will offer online delivery to cut cost and sustain freshness of seafood. As a wine-ie and foodie (do we have a funky name for wine luvers?) of course time to throw a party!

Port Phillip Estate 2011 Salasso Rosé
Arctic Surf Clam

-     This Rosé tastes more like Chardonnay with higher alcohol content. (Though this rosé is actually made of Shiraz) This is the only rosé which I recommend as it has a fascinating apple aroma without a mix of red and white wine palate.
-       Not well with oysters, as this will bring the metallic flavor of oysters.
-       Suggest to pair with Arctic Surf Clam and Sweet shrimp as they are crunchier and sweet enough in which the rosé can refresh the palate. The elegance of rosé in terms of balanced acidity and tannin stands out when tasting daintily seafood.

Belon 0000
Pegasus Bay Sauvignon Semillon 2009

-         Goes best with wide range of oysters
-       Alaska Crab legs are finger-licking long, juicy and fresh
-        Pegasus has the drizzling creamy palate yet a citrus end note that soften the metallic flavor of the oyster, while those as mineral and savory as Irish Rock is neutralized by the sweetness of Pegasus. Those creamy oysters such as Ostra Regal No.1, Fleur Des Eaux and Belon OOOO. The refined palate has a dry finish that makes you want to drink more.

Bread Crab (cooked)
Shaw + Smith M3 Chardonnay 2010

-       full body that pairs nicely with urchin and bread crab’s paste.
-       Hokkaido Salmon is fatty and meaty which a creamy based chardonnay would best dissolve the fat tissue of salmon.
-       This is a signature wine of Shaw & Smith and also to me a signature Chardonnay in Australia. Different style with Leeuwin, fuller body, masculine.

Korean Strawberries
Chateau Guiraud 2005 Sauternes
1er Grand Cru Classe en 1855

-   Apricot, orange peel, slight hint of honey with long finish.
-       Korean Strawberries from Wing Kee Fruit Store for pairing
-       Sauternes is of a floral style dessert wine, medium degree of sweetness
-       Since the strawberries are juicy yet not jammy or concentrated sweetness as persimmon, therefore Guiraud’s medium degree of sweetness pair only if whipped cream is applied to the strawberries

Seafood Platter from Ocean Three is of good quality (some 2nd tier ones like bread crab and Fine de Claire, please check with the delivery which seafood are fresher to ensure you are enjoying the freshness and rawness at its best quality) Support the trend and suggest this would be for a classy in-house party. This won’t fail the visitors.http://www.partneringco.com/oceanthree/http://www.partneringco.com/oceanthree/

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