Friday, June 18, 2010

Take away thoughts from wine tasting at 8-degree hotel

Invited by my friend to a wine-tasting event at 8-degree hotel at To Kwa Wan, located between huge estates and heritage avenues. Shocked by the wedding like setting. This looks as if a perfect place for wedding cocktail.

My entry this time is not focusing the hotel, yet to the host for the wine tasting.
From this function, my take-away is not to mention about the wine. The focus is on customer service and resources planning for an event.

Regardless what wine is being served, better not reconfirm for more than once. For snacks, be frank, we are a chinese restaurants. Surprising they are serving preserved eggs to company the wine. Unfortunately I can't find any wine matching with that. Detail arrangement shall be put on snacks for food & wine marriage to enhance the scent and balance of wine, a win-win for wine sales / impulsive consumption.

The most amazing one is on the order list. Obviously the long table displayed much more wines than those listed on the order list. We therefore kinda befriend with the agent so that we can taste those not on list...there it comes...they have plan A, B & C! and they didn't show us until...4 hours later! Absurd! The great wines are in plan C and this sheet was hiding from all tables until asked! What kinda sales are they?

The event ends with a ridiculous incident where they invite the winemaker to make a their own language...without translation. That means just let them speak in French. The translator could only get like...10% of the content and guess!!! >.< Can't they be more prepared??? Sigh...

Room for improvement, as...they have no room to deterioriate more...

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