Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Hong Kong Guide book with a misconception

Passed by Fenwick Pier for Vero, just picked up a booklet called "Guide to Hong Kong 2010" by for sailors.

Picked a few points which I found it controversial. Please let me know if these are true:

Casual Pickups: Casual pick-up in bars are a major source of disease. The girls themselves may be unaware they are disease carriers. THey do not go to clinics for regular check-ups.

Massage parlors: IF you want a massage, there are wholesome places to go. But if the sign says Japanese, French, Thai or other exotic kinds of massage, or if they enclose you in a private room, you will be flirting with danger.

Taxis: During the past few years we have had many sailors victimized by unscrupulous taxi drivers who wait outside of Fenwick Pier for a sucker. Their meters are running from a previous ride and some sailors have paid them as much as ten times the true fare. Be careful!

What kinda places are they recommending and how has Hong Kong being described as in these tourists' mind now...ridiculous!!!

1 comment:

Karumen said...

Wooot??? Published in 2010??? 1960 these may be true! But then again, looking at their target audience, prob those r the places they fancy most which didt quite advance ever since the 60s.....


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