Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chic Wine - 1 Wine

1 Wine...looks familiar? or you don't even give a glance...?
Convenience store, there must be one next to you or me.

1 Wine, is one of the little plastic bottle of chic wine, displaying on the rack, red, white, blue, do they catch your attention?

Understanding that screw cap and oak cork has been the controversial debate over the century, however seems in general nobody is in doubt whether the glass bottle shall be replaced by other materials. 1 Wine is one of the revolutionary wine no matter in packaging, the market that it is trying to get in.

NEW drinking habit, NEW occasion, NEW consumer. This is what 1Wine is pursuing. Let's try.

$12 for a bottle. Fair price. First sip of 1Rouge...sorry ... like medicine... could hardly find tannin, believe it's due to lost of capability to further undergo the fermentation and oxidation in the plastic bottle? plastic cap doesn't seem vaccum enough. I still can tell this is Merlot, though very faint. Prudent choice then to get it from Languedoc, at least, nobody blame why the Merlot character not strong enough ;)

Anyhow, Netherland's revolution, I'll give you a second chance.

Source: 7-eleven
Price: $12

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