Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tempranillo - Wine of nostalgia



入口很醇,像是有木屑跟雪茄味,長久回味,可陳年數年。就是這回味喝過後教人神往,零星碎片的泛起很多求學時的片段。真不愧為貴族葡萄 - 西班牙的里奧哈葡萄


平凡永遠有驚喜: 它可是一杯House Wine 呢. 有幾多人願意將美酒降價?

後話: 如果不想喝醉,還是慢慢品嚐比較好,否則就要靠薑茶解酒了...

Never imagine the 2007 Tempranillo is giving me this surprise. Of course, the occassion and the night pub atmosphere help contributing some. Unfortunately owing to this same dim light that I could not recall the name of this wine, otherwise I'll get one home.

Clear medium body, not too much tears. Ruby red, looks elegant. Or just that I am tipsy? Everything surrounding it make the wine an elegance.

With a smooth palate and oaky, tobascco after taste, it brought me to the nostalgic moments. Need not to be sentimental, just bits and pieces of snapshot in Uni. No wonder it is the Noble grape - Rioja in Spain.

Agree that hint of vanilla makes the finest ending pitch to the wine. It's me being nostalgic? or is the wine? Can't distinguish now.

What looks ordinary turns out to have extraordinary result: It's a house wine. $65 / glass, $580 / bottle

ps. Wine is for slow tasting, otherwise will get drunk easily, this will then be replaced by ginger tea next morning. Feel free to share if you know more alcohol detoxication.

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