Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wine Gathering 1 - S. African Wines @ Lian

My First Wine Gathering ar~~~ So excited.

1. Nelson's Creek Chenin Blanc 2008

- Green, oily in mouth, not dry (dunno why it's in the description)
- Refreshing, crisppy,
- The green is kinda grassy flavour, perhaps I got bias from its green bottle, lol~

2. Groenland Sauvignon Blanc 2008

- Truly jolly green, strong green pepper & asparagus
- harmonious balance or tannin and fruit and easy drinking
- Best pick of the night

Food: Char-grilled Pork Neck
- This is recommended in the booklet, yet we don't seem to find the cohenerence between or where the matching links to...

3. Clos Malvene Devonet Chardonnay 2008

- Strong plastic hint, expecting the plastic cork has been immerged to the wine, affecting the smell.
- Waiter accidently pour the same wine again, while we are ordering another one, that reassure that the plastic taste of wine is not an accident.

Food: Vietnamese shrimp cake
- I'd better enjoy the shrimp cake itself

4. Waverly Hills Semillon - Sauvignon Blanc 2007

- 2nd best white wine
- smell and taste of pear, slight hint of lime
- well-balanced with short dry finish.

Food: Pad Thai

5. Cabiere Pierre Jourdan Brut NV

- rich sparkling wine. Rather complex.
- Surprisingly balance wine.

Food: Fried rice in coconut sauce
- Can't match as the coconut sauce dominates the nosery

6. Bernheim Pinotage Rose 2007

- Cherry and red berry flavour
- has its own unique taste of pinotage

7. Clos Malverne Devonet Merlot Pinotage 2007

- One word: plum plum (oh , that's 2...)
- Mineral stands out after oxidizing
- The best red wines in the night

8. Groenland Shiraz 2004

- Seriously not much impression to the wine, other than spicy...
Food: Chocolate Mousse wif chocolate ice-cream (double dark chocolate)

9.Waverly Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2006

- I would put this wine as... Masculine wine.
- Oaky, lead and spicy flavour, so dark and its like smoking...
- In fact I am curious how dark can pair up with charcoal, smoke vs smoke?

10. Meerendal Pinotage 2007

- super strong sense of dark chocolate, even darker than the dessert, ^^
- soft tannin and demonstrate black fruit flavours

11.Nelson's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

- NO impression at all...I wonder have I tried this...

Nice night everyone~

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