Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brown Brothers - 2006 Shiraz (Limited Reserve)

Shelter@ Henry House

Still survive after last round of South African wine tasting...

5 ppl sharing whole bottle of shiraz in 2 hours, still long length after airing of wine, quite nice.

Colour: Really can't tell whether it's purplish red or not, coz we are drinking under super dim light...

Tears: have legs, comparatively less and doesn't stay too long on the glass.

Smell: Spice note. Little hint of red berries / currant perhaps.

First taste: Steel / metal flavour. Strong spice, emphasis on the length of wine. Little fine tannin. Masculine character.

Second taste (after an hour): less steel flavour from the first, more harmonious. Still strong and lengthy, yet less red current taste than before.

Price: $468 +10% , reasonable. Gd wine for small chats ^^

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