Monday, May 25, 2009

Seafood Maniac

Everything begins with the huge crab shopping at mini boat wet market in Sai Kung.
The fainted crabs took a long route: across the harbour, into the underground... and ended their lives in Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant in Sheung Wan.

Forgot to bring my camera along...could only have the photos with such a low resolution, well...

Hospitable uncle & aunt brought along 2 bottles: 1 champagne, 1 Riesling ( favourite!!!)
Here comes the list...

Champagne: Moet & Channdon
Babylon Shell dipped with wasabi
Bubbles with Babylon Shell, a fresh matching. though the champagne doesn't seem to match with the babylon shell, the champagne ignite the freshness of the babylon shell, yum~
Little pig leg soaked in chinese wine
Little pig leg is finely made, with hint of chinese wine and the fat swirl in the mouth. I'd love to have this every day, given that I will be gaining 10lbs more...keke...

Main Dish
Steamed crab in egg-white with chinese home-town wine (shao xing jiu)

I love the companying sauce, which is red vinegar with sesame oil, springled with chopped onion, perfect match with the juicy crab meat, turning a sole dish to a rice matching dish~

By then, I already concentrating on defeating my favourite crab...ignoring all other dishes and wine...until...something even more tempting to come...
Steamed Rat Face Garoupa

Indescribable. Self-explainatory from the picture itself, right?

Soft fish meat, detached itself from the fish bone even without tearing it apart, it doesn't seem that I have chewed before it slided to my throat. It has its own sweetness. Until now I can tell the difference between Wedding steamed fish and Excellent steamed fish...

Fried chicken

We call a nice chicken to be a juicy, fat, white, smooth white meat, in fact all can be found in this dish tonight.

Together having a harmonious match with the Riesling.

This Riesling has a very green smell, like green pepper. Comparing to typical Riesling, it is rather light and less sweet.
It ends with a crispy taste, which would not dominate the strong-flavoured food like chinese dishes but delight the dish with a fresh ending note. Good buy from New Zealand, Otago.

Dessert is impressive:
Birthday Bun: Baking smell and chewy bun (I've brought 1 home as breakfast tomorrow)
Red bean soup: Biggest and softest red bean with terrific sweetness
Wonderful dinner~
Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant
Address: 1-3/F, Mandarin Building, 35 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Tel No: 2854 9388

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Karumen said...

wah wah, the 1st photo ne, u actually bought ur seafood from the fishermen directly ma? ho chi ho ho mei ar =o=.... (lau hau shui)


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