Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cytise - wine tasting event @ DAP

Invited by my sec skoolmate for a wine tasting event on Thursday, without taking a good look at whether it's a wine lecture, wine tasting dinner or whatsoever...and even bring a colleague along...

DAP is located in Wan Chai, in a brand new shopping chic building opposite to hopewell centre, a 2-lv bar. Any of you who've been to Embargo in Diamond plaza, or Shelter in Henry House, it's what its environment is like. Quite hippy and classy bar.
The wine tasting is a fusion of mingling, canapes party, wine lecture , all you can name it...organized by Cytise

They have 6 wines offered: 2 white, 2 rose & 2 red.

5 are AOC and 1 is VDT. Surprisingly it's the VDT which stands out~ I bought one home, though both my dad and me doubt why VDT worths more than $100.

The canapes are delicious, you breast x2, mandarin on slice of french bread; parma ham with brie cheese on biscuit; last but not least... SCALLOP SUSHI!!!!

Nobody told us what to match it with, I suppose it should.

Since all guests came in different pace, the organizer tries to entertain everyone of us, so she repeats the same explanation again and again, stop in the middle if interrupted by another table and so on...neverending of explanation really mixed up people's taste buds and connections with the wine's origin + history. It'd be better if guests are set on proper chairs, than mingling on the floor, and some on sofas...

I can tell the organizer, who are french couples are very enthrusiastic and passionate towards the wine business, it shd be the venue layout and the format which makes the event looks a bit awkward. If it's a normal wine tasting event / wine dinner, things would turn out to be much better.

Finally, this gathering ends with another dinner at a vietnamese restaurant, where we are more satisfied with beef pho, prawn toast and bun hoi and ending up $50 each...kekeke

Cool night though, inspire me a lot on how a wine gathering should be held~

DAP would be a nice place to CHILL OUT~~~

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Anonymous said...

The VDT is called "L'audace", meaning "The guts" in French. It worths more than a lot of AOC wines in HK because it is not a regular VDT. The winemaker intended to do a very different wine from the tradition of his region. The region of the winemaker allows them to make only AOC Muscadet, which is 100% Melon de Bourgogne (name of the variety). However, the winemaker has decided to create a complete new wine by blending this variety with Chardonnay. This blend would take the aromas of Chardonnay but keep the acidity of Melon de Bourgogne. He knows that this blend would not be labelled in AOC but he decided to use his "guts" to try something representative to what he thinks wines of the region could be like. That is why it is over 100HKD.

It's great to see this post on your blog. Your analysis is fair. It was not easy make a well-organised event, while people arrive at different time and they have different expectation to go there.
Thanks for coming and happy to know that you enjoyed. Hope to see you at our next event.

Agnes from Cytise


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